Boom! feat. Džambo Agušev

from by Dubioza kolektiv



Milk is really healthy
is it good for your bones?
Who invented rock
Beatles or The Stones?

For AIDS or a cancer
is there any remedy?
Bin Laden still alive
Who killed John Kennedy?

Is Bigfoot real?
Do vampires bite?
The end of the world
is gonna start tonight

Has NASA been lying
about a trip to the moon?
Boom shakalaka boom
Shakalaka boom boom

Which came first
chicken or the egg?
Can anybody tell me
do I have to beg?

Is there a life on Mars?
Have you seen alien?
Santa Claus exists
and is he vegetarian?

Are we under control
of the New World Order?
If there is global warming
why it’s getting colder?

Everybody says
that the end comes soon
Boom shakalaka boom
Shakalaka boom boom


from Happy Machine, released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Dubioza kolektiv


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